Social Impact Work

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ZMY’s foundational principles include providing a safe space, being all-inclusive and demonstrating social responsibility. 


We strive to provide a culture as a yoga studio that feels safe and inclusive for people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations.  We take our mission of facilitating transformation to everyone seriously, and here are some of the things we do and will do moving forward:

  • Provide training to our teachers & staff about systematic inequality and how to recognize it and take action in the studio and in their personal lives


  • Offering bi-lingual options for important documents and bi-lingual yoga classes


  • Using all inclusive language when it comes to underrepresented groups (i.e. learning & providing proper pronouns)


  • Committing to personal and community healing: acknowledging and inviting transformative justice


  • Providing equal pay for equal work. Period. 


  • Offering opportunities to systematically disadvantaged groups; financial scholarships for students and proactively tapping into diverse hiring networks 


  • AWARENESS. From the types of books we choose in our book clubs, to the types of classes we offer, and businesses we use and support in our studio. 

  • Environmental conservation and conscious sustainability

We will continue to be open to discussions about the impact of our business on the community. We will be mindful, and responsive. We will make mistakes and own up to them. 

We are open to suggestions to add to this list. Please be a part of the discussion!

Community Partnerships

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