Getting Started

How to join us for LIVE Streamed classes:

1. SIGN UP and log in to your new Tula account by clicking HERE 


2. REGISTER for the classes you want at least one hour before class begins.


3. PAY for the flexible membership you desire to have access to some or all of the classes over the next 30 days. You must pay for a class to have access.


4. BEFORE CLASS STARTS, go to the schedule at and click on the Broadcast Link for the class. We recommend joining the link10-15 minutes before class starts. You must be logged in and registered to have access to the Broadcast Link.

Joining us for in person classes:

  • Due to social distancing safety, our space is very limited. Registering for your spot in class is required (see numbers 1 through 3 above). By pre-registering on-line this insures your spot in class and allows us to contact you if a class gets cancelled due to weather or emergencies.

  • If you reserve a class online, you have up to two hours before class to cancel if needed, this will make sure we can give empty spaces to waitlisted students. “No show” students are charged $10 for the class or one credit. This is strictly enforced.

  • To ensure a safe and stress-reduced environment, the door is locked promptly when class begins. We do not allow late arrivals. There are no exceptions to this. We do not answer phone calls during class times, so once the doors are locked the class will begin.

Yoga Studio Etiquette is important. When you arrive at the studio, check in with the teacher. Always remove your shoes and place your belongings in the spaces provided.


Our practice area is a sacred space and we like to keep it as clean as possible for you. Lay your mat out and settle in to a spot that is comfortable for you.


Please no cell phones allowed in the practice space. Class time is an opportunity for you and others to unplug and be free of stress. Keep pre-class chatter to a minimum while students start to decompress and “get into the zone”.


Try to never miss a savasana. This is an important part of your practice! Lastly, be yourself and listen to your body. This is going to be a great ride.



If you are having trouble, please email Jennifer at