Signature Classes

ZMY begin

(All Levels)

For absolute beginners to yoga or those looking to slow it down and bring it back to basics. Expect a safe non-competitive environment, where you can bring an open mind without fear or worry. Focus will be on breath, proper alignment, and props for modifications.

ZMY align

(All Levels)

This is a slower paced class as postures are held for a longer period of time. Focus will be on healing the body through alignment, connecting with the breath, and using props to make each pose accessible.

ZMY restore

(All Levels) 

Prepare for complete release of stress and tension without ever leaving the floor. This class uses props and blankets to support passive postures that are held for 7-10 minutes each. Any two blankets or pillows around your house will work great. 

ZMY flow

(Levels 1 and 2)

Level 1: Coordinates breath, postures, and movement. Expect to move continuously in this class. Appropriate for all levels of experience.

Level 2: Coordinates breath, postures, and movement. Be prepared to explore some chanting as well as some intermediate postures to bring your practice to the next level. Not safe for beginners.


Other offerings

Yin Yoga (All Levels)

This class will give you an opportunity to work deep muscle tissues to access release and healing. You will leave feeling more flexible, with less stress and anxiety. Postures are done seated and held for 5-10 minutes while using pillows and blankets for props.

Gentle Yoga (All Levels)

Non-strenuous, and minimalistic, this is a class designed to bring more stillness and quiet to your day. Expect to leave feeling nurtured and relaxed. All levels of experience welcome. 

Strength & Mobility (Strong Beginners)

Get ready to strengthen and lengthen every major muscle in the body, while adding mobility to the joints to help prevent injuries. You can expect improved tone, balance, and a clear mind. This class blends light weights with classic yoga postures. FUN!

Intro to Ashtanga (Led & Mysore Styles)

This lineage of yoga is taught in two different styles. In a LED class, the teacher guides the class as a whole through the Primary Series of postures. In a MYSORE class, the student practices the Primary Series at their own pace, and the teacher works with each student individually pose-by-pose as done in Mysore, India. 
The Primary Series is a set sequence of yoga postures, also called Yoga Cikitsa, which translates to "yoga therapy".
These classes are open to all levels, although we suggest that a student practice Mysore style first before attending a Led Ashtanga class. 

Yoga for Athletes (All Levels)

From running to hiking, or lifting weights to organized sports, this is the class for YOU! Deep stretching will help prevent or reduce injuries, increase flexibility, and improve your performance. This is an excellent compliment for any active lifestyle

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness (Grades K-5 | 30 minute class)

ZMY kids has been a favorite with kiddos since 2014. Classes are created to keep engagement while strategically teaching useful coping and regulation skills that will last a lifetime. Kids will learn confidence, kindness and FUN!

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